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A priority project during 2018–2020 forming part of the Swedish Presidency Programme of Nordic Council of Ministers 2018. The priority project also covers the collaboration "ePrescriptions across country borders".


NEW VOPD WEBINAR SERIES: Technology use for Covid 19 response

OCTOBER 15TH, 09:00-10:30 CET

Implemented distance spanning services in the Nordics


Healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions - 24 practical examples from the Nordics

We know that healthcare and distance spanning solutions work – these solutions exist, and they help to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

We have mapped all existing distance spanning services that are locally or regionally accessible for the population in the Nordics.



Nordregio will launch two reports at a webinar on October, 21, 10-12 (CET)

Health & Well-being in the Nordic Region: The Potential of Digital Solutions

Both reports are essentially contributing to the portfolio of knowledge collected by Healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions.


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Tools to support digital transformation of healthcare and social care services

The Norwegian tool for implementation, Roadmap for Service Innovation, has now been translated into Swedish and English. You can download your preferred version here.

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PUBLICATION — 24 practical distance-spanning solutions for healthcare and social care

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WEBINAR 1 - Implemented distance spanning services in the Nordics

OCTOBER 15TH, 09:00-10:30 CET


VOPD at Vitalis

We are happy to announce that we will take part and introduce our work at Vitalis, online at the 26th of August between 09:15-10:00. Main focus will be on our mapping exercise of all existing distance spanning services available for the citizens in the Nordics, both within healthcare and social care. Further our webinar will introduce you to practical tools, that we know works, for digital transformation from physical healthcare and social care services into distance spanning online services.


VOPD status update

This has been a different year, for all of us. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused delays to the VOPD project implementation, resulting in a need to extend the VOPD collaboration. In this short update, we inform you about the next steps in the project and upcoming activities in the autumn.


Cross-border ePrescriptions – Interim report

This Interim report describes the current situation regarding cross-border ePrescriptions in the Nordic countries and on a European level. The report is a result of the project Cross-border ePrescriptions in the Nordic countries which is part of the Nordic Council priority project Healthcare and care through distance-spanning technologies. The project was initiated as part of the Swedish Presidency Programme of Nordic Council of Ministers in 2018.


The future healthcare and social care data source may already be attached to your wrist

The political ambitions in the Nordic countries are increased emphasis on patient centric healthcare and social care. Perhaps the most obvious example of technology that can provide self monitoring and self service possibilities for both healthcare and social care sector is wearables. Some regions and municipalities are already making use of these devices.