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A priority project during 2018–2020 forming part of the Swedish Presidency Programme of Nordic Council of Ministers 2018. The priority project also covers the collaboration "ePrescriptions across country borders".


Join us at MvTe Sweden 21st of January!

Join us at our seminar on MvTe — Mötesplats välfärdsteknologi och e-hälsa (Sweden's National Meeting Place for Welfare Technology and E-Health), Kistamässan, Stockholm 21st of january 2020.

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Publication launched — 24 practical distance-spanning solutions for healthcare and social care

This publication contains the 24 most relevant digital solutions in healthcare and care in our five Nordic countries. The publication, which is available in Swedish, is based an extensive mapping of existing local and regional distance spanning solutions in all Nordic countries. Description of all solutions can also be found, in English, further down at this website.

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Updates and info

VOPD and ePrescription at Nordic Councils Session 2019

Healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions 2018-2020 has a side project named ePrescripton across country boarders. The aim of the side project is to set up and design pilots demonstrating use of ePrescriptions in Sweden jointly with Finland and Estonia. In addition, the collaboration aims to promote that ePrescriptions across country boarders becomes an opportunity for all citizens in all Nordic countries.


Mapping of national strategies and tools in the Nordics

Healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions 2018-2020 has made a mapping of all existing national strategies with connected tools to support structured implementation of distance spanning solutions within healthcare and social care.


Workshop in Reykjavik 20 september 2019

Healthcare and Care through Distance Spanning Solutions supported the development and took part in a workshop arranged by Samband (Icelandic association of local authorities) in Iceland. The objective of the workshop was to explore the potential of strategies and tools to secure a structured implementation of distance spanning solution within social sector in municipalities.