The shape of healthcare and care to come

Watch the recordings from the VOPD final conference, including the conversation by the Ministers for Health and Social Affairs from the Nordic countries here!

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About the project and this website

Healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions, 2018-2021 (In Swedish; Vård och Omsorg På Distans – VOPD), was a priority project of the Swedish Presidency Programme for the Nordic Council of Ministers 2018.

This website is structured so you can navigate among the results, which all are essential contributions to secure a sustainable digital shift into viable service models for healthcare or social care providers in sparesly populated areas and beyond. Service models which are robust in times of pandemic as well as efficient to adress demographic challenges connected to an ageing population.

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New distance spanning services implemented in the Nordics 

VOPD* has made three journalistic articles describing new distance spanning services for healthcare and care implemented in the Nordics. The articles describe the impact on people’s daily life, and what it means for the professionals.


Cross-border ePrescriptions and Patient Summaries in the Nordic countries

Report on the current situation for cross-border ePrescriptions and Patient Summaries in the Nordic countries and on a European level.


About us

This website is part of a nordic priority project entitled Healthcare and care through distance-spanning solutions, 2018–2020 (VOPD).


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