Impact on competence provision

With digital solutions we can, through a digital shift, improve the working environment for health care workers across the Nordic countries.

What is the Digital Shift?

What does the Digital Shift really mean? It speaks to all the positive effects for the working environment in healthcare and care that we see in organizations where the digital transformation is really taking hold.

What does the personnel think?

What does the personnel think about working in organizations that are going through a digital shift? Through interviews of personnel, in three Nordic regions that are in the forefront of transforming their healthcare and social care service models with distance spanning technology support, it is clear that a digital shift within healthcare and care provides an opportunity to create a good working environment.

More time for what’s important

The personnel feel that their job become more easy, flexible, they have more time for what is important, it creates a greater meaning and increase the status of their job. Further, the interviewees states that they do not see themselves able to go back to work according to traditional service models.

The main message from this study is: Digital transformation is the key to create a good working environment for health care and care personnel!


How does a digital shift impact competence provision and organisation of healthcare and care (PDF)

Presentation held by Niclas Forsling at the VOPD final conference 25th of march 2021

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Existing distance spanning solutions

With an ageing population and sparsely populated areas throughout the Nordic region, digitalisation and remote solutions are important prerequisites for maintaining the quality of the Nordic welfare model. But what distance spanning services for healthcare and care exists in the nordics?


How to implement

How can technology be brought to those people who really need it? We have identified the Norwegian model “Roadmap for service innovation” as a great tool/strategy for digital transformation of healthcare and care services.


Experiences from implementation

We have supported implementation of distance spanning solutions for healthcare and social care services in 52 municipalities and 8 healthcare regions. By monitoring implementation, a number of common challenges and experiences have been identified.