How to scale up

Many of the distance spanning services and other digital supported solutions within healthcare and social care in the nordics have had difficulties to be rolled out widely and scaled up in use. We do not either see pilots and projects, with clear positive effects for users, being scaled up.

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What is the bottle neck?

A critical factor is that the increased use of self-monitoring and self-care services, for patients with for example chronic conditions, generates large quantities of healthcare data. Space is not the bottle neck, since data has no mass, but structured and strategic use of large quantity of health data is an innovation field that not yet have been explored by healthcare and social care providers.

In addition, the future will offer opportunities to generate exponential quantities of healthcare data, since many of the citizens will carry the instruments to measure their health at their wrist (smart watches etc.). This indicates the huge potential of this innovation field, a innovation field which healthcare and social care providers have to relate to.

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The future of healthcare and care: what is the bottleneck?

In this webinar we demonstrate why innovation investments within healthcare and social care are necessary (especially for remote, rural, and arctic areas) and what type of innovative system solutions can generate a larger economic turnover in future compared to what Apple and Google offer today.

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Contribution to regional development


Existing distance spanning solutions

With an ageing population and sparsely populated areas throughout the Nordic region, digitalisation and remote solutions are important prerequisites for maintaining the quality of the Nordic welfare model. But what distance spanning services for healthcare and care exists in the nordics?


How to implement

How can technology be brought to those people who really need it? We have identified the Norwegian model “Roadmap for service innovation” as a great tool/strategy for digital transformation of healthcare and care services.