Environmental impact

What are the environmental impact, synergies & tradeoffs between SDGs when using distance spanning solutions in health care and social care?

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Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), rated among the world’s most influential environment policy think tanks in the 2018 Global Go To Think Tank Index, has performed a Environmental Impact Assessment, on the effects of service models in healthcare and social care that that are provided with the support of distance spanning solutions.

SEI has also made a synergy and trade off analysis between different Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), by applying their SDG trade off chart. This helps synergies and tradeoffs to become visible, for better and more informed decision making when updating your service model.

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User experiences

How do users feel about distance spanning solutions in health care and social care? In order to understand the user experience, a scoping review has been conducted by the Nordic research network; Health and Welfare Technology (HWT).


How to scale up

Many of the distance spanning services and other digital supported solutions within healthcare and social care in the nordics have had difficulties to be rolled out widely and scaled up in use. We do not either see pilots and projects, with clear positive effects for users, being scaled up.


Contribution to regional development