Final conference

The final conference of the project Healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions* (VOPD) was arranged on the 25th of march 2021. Here you will find material from the conference.

We would like to thank everyone who participated at the final conference. We counted in more than 300 registered participants and 235 participants taking part live.

Hans Bjurling/Scandinav

Presentations available for download

  • How does a digital shift impact competence provision and organisation of healthcare and care
    – Niclas Forsling, Centre for Rural Medicine  
    DOWNLOAD pdf

  • Scoping review: user perspective on distance spanning services within healthcare and care
    – Christine Gustafsson, Mälardalen University
    download pdf

  • Bridging Health and Sustainability: Through the Lens of SDG synergies and Climate Impacts
    – Somya Joshi, Stockholm Environment Institute
    download pdf

  • When it actually happens: Use of digital distance spanning solutions for self- monitoring, self-care and as a tool in caregiving for health workers – Morten Lauknes, eHealth Agder 2030
    download pdf

  • Summary of Healthcare and Care through Distance Spanning Solutions 2018-2021, what can you bring home? – Niclas Forsling, Centre for Rural Medicine.
    download pdf

Recorded sessions

  • Key note: We are the future of healthcare and care – Nordic users of distance spanning solutions WATCH HERE


Revisit the conference

We have secured that the conference different speeches, and sessions are available through the Coeo platform until 15th of April 2021. Please revisit the conference and select your highlights.

If you have colleagues and friends that you think should see the conference or certain speeches or sessions, please provide them with the link so they can register and logon to see what the fuss is all about:

Stay tuned, more content will be published shortly!

* Healthcare and Care Through Distance Spanning Solutions, Vård och Omsorg På Distans - VOPD 2018-2021, a priority project forming part of the Swedish Presidency Programme of Nordic Council of Ministers 2018.

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Webinar series: Technology use for Covid 19 response

The VOPD webinar series "Technology use for Covid 19 response" was held during autumn 2020. Watch our recorded webinars here!


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