User experiences

How do users feel about distance spanning solutions in health care and social care? In order to understand the user experience, a scoping review has been conducted by the Nordic research network; Health and Welfare Technology (HWT).

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Positive tendencies

The findings present largely positive tendencies regarding the effects of digital solutions/distance spanning solutions for healthcare and social care on patients, clients, older adults, relatives, and professional caregivers. However, these are precisely tendencies as the dataset lacks broad scientific evidence. Although some of the studies were RCT (randomised controlled trials) studies which usually is considered to be the most reliable form of scientific evidence in the hierarchy of evidence that influences healthcare policies and practices.

The report is an important read, providing an overview of the findings from a user perspective and also recommendations for future studies and how to organise this field of research. Especially the need of academia contributing to the development of validated instruments measuring the aspects of safety and security, social participation, activities, and health.

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Scoping review: user perspective on distance spanning services within healthcare and care
– Christine Gustafsson, Mälardalen University

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How to scale up

Many of the distance spanning services and other digital supported solutions within healthcare and social care in the nordics have had difficulties to be rolled out widely and scaled up in use. We do not either see pilots and projects, with clear positive effects for users, being scaled up.


Contribution to regional development


Existing distance spanning solutions

With an ageing population and sparsely populated areas throughout the Nordic region, digitalisation and remote solutions are important prerequisites for maintaining the quality of the Nordic welfare model. But what distance spanning services for healthcare and care exists in the nordics?