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Our new publication Healthcare and care through distance-spanning solutions contains 24 practical examples from the Nordic region. They have all been identified through an exercise where all existing distance-spanning solution services within social care and healthcare sector in the Nordic countries have been mapped out.

What they have in common is that they are implemented, available for the population locally - and proven to work. Another distinguishing feature of these solutions is that they are a collection of digital services that make a big difference to many people around the Nordic region. All 27 million inhabitants in the Nordic region come at some point in contact with one of these solutions, either personally, through a relative or someone else in their vicinity. The publication is primarily aimed at decision-makers at different levels, but it can be read by anyone interested in the effects of digital solutions on healthcare and care. If all five countries in the Nordic countries were to implement these welfare technology services, many believe that we may very well be on the path to solving the future challenges in healthcare and care.

“This publication provides you with a smorgasbord of solutions, demonstrated to work and provide important contributions to peoples daily life. There is no excuse for not making these types of solutions available for our citizens.” - Peter Berggren, Director of Local Healthcare District South Lapland in Region of Västerbotten

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