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Communication platform between users, care receivers and relatives

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An application that allows secure messaging between caretakers, social care users and their families. Families can contact caretakers and receive messages and pictures from their loved ones in their everyday lives.
The solution reduces phone contact and increases trust between users, families and care recievers issued with care. It is a secure and easy way to stay in touch.
The solution is mainly used in elderly care and with disabled people. Other potential user groups include social care users and social workers in child protection services and youth services.
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Through the platform, families can communicate at a distance and be involved in the care and everyday life of their loved ones


“It has been easy to start using this service. We haven’t had any problems. It is convenient because you can include pictures of your daily life”.

- Niina, care receiver, Oulu


Needs and challenges

Social care with elderly people is a common service offered by multiple providers, including public sector and private companies. Many home visits can be made per day and caretakers may change frequently. Families do not receive updated information about the care that their loved ones are receiving.

Caretakers can be difficult to contact by phone. There can be many concerns about care and how everyday life is going. This information gap may increase distrust and worry if there is not sufficient information about a user’s everyday life.

Solution and function

The solution helps to reduce distrust between participants, making it possible to send secure messages to each other.

Families can contact caregivers and receive messages and pictures from their relatives in their everyday lives.


The solution is easy to implement. It does not require a national infrastructure and can be used by application or via a web browser.



There should be less dissatisfaction and distrust and therefore less complaints about the care received. When families receive the necessary information about everyday life and care, there will be more time to spend with users.

The cost of the solution for organisations or for users is less than five euros per month.


The organisation makes a decision to deploy the solution and enters into an agreement about use with the company. The company notifies the caretakers and relatives about how the solution should be used.

The organisation must designate a person who will coordinate anchoring and assist in the implementation process.

More about effects

Real time information about the care and condition of loved ones reduces worry and increases trust between families and caretakers.

The solution also makes it possible to communicate with family members at a distance and involve them in the care and everyday life of their loved ones.

The solution makes a significant difference to the culture and practises that are common in care, in which families are not involved and do not know how the care reflects the user’s everyday life.


Do you want to know more about the solution?

Download the full description (PDF) »

Easy-to-use application or website: sign in and start using the solution. A smartphone, tablet or computer is required. Basic technological skills are sufficient.

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  • The solution can be used in housing services and home care help services for those living at home.
  • The solution can be easily scaled.
  • The solution can be used across borders. There are also other possible ways of using the solution, as well as target groups other than disabled and elderly people.
  • Basic use comprises messaging between people, although the solution can also be used to collect data on customer satisfaction that can be used to improve your service.

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