Workshop in Reykjavik 20 september 2019

Healthcare and Care through Distance Spanning Solutions supported the development and took part in a workshop arranged by Samband (Icelandic association of local authorities) in Iceland. The objective of the workshop was to explore the potential of strategies and tools to secure a structured implementation of distance spanning solution within social sector in municipalities.

Kristin Standal from KL (Norwegian association of local authorities) and Kirsti Brørs Fossland from Trondheim Municipality demonstrated through a workshop how the Norwegian National Welfaretech Programme with conneced tools can be applied in an Icelandic context. Norway have with their programme secured a turnaround of mindsets where  users needs are in focus when developing service models, fully supported by digital solutions. Both the Icelandic Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs attended the workshop and made introductions to their work and current strategies.

Presentations from the workshop can be found below:

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