VOPD and ePrescription at Nordic Councils Session 2019

Healthcare and care through distance spanning solutions 2018-2020 has a side project named ePrescripton across country boarders. The aim of the side project is to set up and design pilots demonstrating use of ePrescriptions in Sweden jointly with Finland and Estonia. In addition, the collaboration aims to promote that ePrescriptions across country boarders becomes an opportunity for all citizens in all Nordic countries.

We are therefore happy and proud to see that members of the Nordic Welfare Committee propose that access to ePrescription, across Nordic country boarders shall be an opportunity for all Nordic citizens. Read here for more information about the proposal. 

In addition, we can see that ePrescription is high on the agenda also within Ministry Council of Digitalisation (MR-Digital), where also distance-spanning solutions for healthcare is mentioned as part of future 5G development. Read more about the work in MR-Digital here. 

If you are interested what will happen at the Nordic Council 29th and 30th of October, go to this website.