Call for Nordic design schools

OPEN UNTIL 10TH OF MARCH 2021. We are looking for a couple of Nordic design schools who can help us to illustrate how the future of healthcare and social care will look like by 2030 and beyond.

A 2030 visualisation of the healthcare and social care system in the Nordics

We believe that we with design schools and their students can get a fresh perspective on how a future integrated healthcare and social care system can be formed by applying design principles, centred around user perspective. We imagine that design schools take into account agenda 2030 goals and materialise the goals into visions for future integrated healthcare and social care.

We also believe that collaborating with design schools will help to promote the opportunities for design students to consider developing healthcare and social care sectors for the citizens as both sectors need to become more attractive, more viable and sustainable service providers for the future.

The work by the design schools are expected to be used, for the first time, at World Expo in Dubai.

We hope that this will attract attention at your school and among your students, read more in attached annex “VOPD call for design schools – 2021”

Expression of interest

Please submit you “Expression of Interest – Design schools” no later than 10th of March 2021.


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Niclas Forsling, Project Manager Centre for Rural Medicine in Storuman Sweden.

Bengt Andersson, Senior Adviser Nordic Welfare Centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

Previous calls

Second call outcome ­­­— 12 projects approved, 11 funded by VOPD

16 project applications were registered at the deadline for submission of Expression of Interest. 11 projects was approved and funded by VOPD at this second call for expert support for distance-spanning service implementation. A 12th project will actively be taking part through support by the Estonian government.


Expert support experiences, from call 1 distance-spanning service implementation

The objective of this activity is to implement, through expert support, distance-spanning solutions in regions and municipalities. Regions and municipalities will be selected through two open call procedures during spring 2019 and spring 2020, in total 10 Nordic municipalities and 10 Nordic regions.