About the project

"Healthcare and care through distance-spanning solutions, including ePrescriptions across country borders" is a priority project during 2018–2020 forming part of the Swedish Presidency Programme of Nordic Council of Ministers 2018.

Three main blocks

The main project, “Healthcare and care through distance-spanning solutions”, consist of three main blocks:

  1. Mapping of distance-spanning solutions applied in Nordic municipalities and regions.
  2. Identifying tools to support implementation of distance-spanning solutions in Nordic municipalities and regions.
  3. Through calls identify Nordic municipalities and regions to provide support to in their implementation of distance-spanning solutions. Tools identified in block 2 will be applied to provide the support.

The project expects during the third block to run two calls, and will between the calls assess the tools applied to support implementation of solutions. The tools will be developed and fine-tuned, based on the outcome of the assessment. The ambition is to sharpen the tools, to provide higher quality and more efficient support to implement new distance-spanning technologies for Healthcare and Social care.

The project is managed by Centre for Rural Medicine – Region Västerbotten as the project Lead Partner and with responsibility of overall project coordination and specific activities towards the target group regions. Nordic Welfare Centre has the responsibility of specific activities towards the target group municipalities and their social service departments. The project itself focuses on developing the use of distance-spanning technologies by citizens in rural areas, which are scalable for use in larger regions and cities.

The subproject, ”ePrescriptions across country borders”, will through The Swedish eHealth Agency implement 2-3 pilots with exchange of e-recipes across country borders involving Nordic countries.

Nordregio is assigned to the project as evaluator and follow researcher.