Kick off conference, successfully conducted!

Nordic politicians, civil servants, experts and professionals from local, regional and national level came together at the 20th-21st of November 2018 for a lunch to lunch event to set the direction towards good and nearby care with the support of digital solutions.

This was the kick off of our priority project collaboration "Healthcare and care through distance-spanning solutions, including ePrescriptions across country boarders 2018-2020".  The conference had a good Nordic mix of around 100 participants, covering all Nordic Countries. The Executive director of Centre for Rural Medicine in Storuman Sweden, Dr. Peter Berggren explains: "We are very proud that so many distinguished people took their time to attend our event, they have all travelled a long way to get here". At the same time, "We feel as the project Lead Partner, host and co-organiser of this kick off that it is important to have the conference in a rural setting where the use of distance-spanning solutions have great potential".

We believe that the conference have set a direction for a prosperous project collaboration that could even further materialise out to a Nordic platform for healthcare and care through distance-spanning solutions.

The kick off also attracted industry interest such as Cambio, Kry and Nordic Health Innovations etc.

What will happen next

The working group of the project, including the organisations that will perform the mapping of existing distance-spanning solutions in the Nordic Countries, had a meeting directly after the conference. The mapping exercise will be completed by mid March ready to be published in April 2019.

More information will follow shortly, stay tuned for updates through this website. And make sure that you follow us on twitter; @VardPa

Please use #vopd if you want to communicate about our conference and/or our priority project, which forms part of the Swedish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2018. 


November 2018